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Vollenhove Bosch - Schnitger Organ


Prelude in G Major, BWV 541 - Johann Sebastian Bach

Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten - Max Reger, Opus 135a


The organ was built in 1686 by A. Bosch. In 1720 major changes were carried out by F.C. Schnitger. In 1860 the instrument was expanded to include a free pedal and pedal towers were added left and right of the Main organ by organbuilder Van Loo. Van Vulpen restored the organ in 1977, based on the situation of 1720. The independent Pedal of 1860 was maintained.

The instrument is the back of the church organ on its own gallery. The organ has 25 registers, divided over Hoofdwerk, Rugwerk and Pedaal.

The above Vollenhove Bosch - Schnitger Organ, and many other organs have been recorded pipe by pipe in its own acoustics in the church by Hauptwerk. The result is an extremely natural and lively recording comparable to playing a good CD recording of the live pipe organ.

Maybe hard to believe, but you have been listening (above) to a digital organ, and not a pipe organ. I am a tracker purist, and certainly do not recommend virtual instruments in cathedrals, churches and concert halls. But at home, to have the actual and realistic sounds of a 45 stop tracker to practice on, is a delight for every organist.

The Hauptwerk virtual organ gives the organist the availability of an increasing number of monumental organs available for his playing pleasure and practice in his own living room. Hauptwerk endeavors to create digital records of each pipe in the historical instruments it records.

As you listen, you will hear that this is not an "electronic" organ, but the sound of actual recorded pipes, including tracker, blower and manual sounds as they occur on the pipe organ when you play it. Of course the acoustics of the cathedral or church are captured on each recording.

The King of All Virtual Instruments
Hauptwerk is a state-of-the-art virtual instrument software application for Apple Macs and PCs bringing the world's best pipe organs within reach of musicians everywhere. Used for study and practice by professional and amateur organists, organ enthusiasts, and organ students, Hauptwerk is the world’s leading virtual pipe organ software providing high resolution audio and unparalleled flexibility in MIDI interfacing with digital organ consoles and pro-audio applications.

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There is no need to replace your current digital organ to get the most realistic digital pipe organ technology. Transform your existing console into the latest in virtual instrument technology by connecting it to Hauptwerk with a single MIDI cable. Hauptwerk's advanced MIDI settings support nearly all digital organ manufacturers MIDI output messages allowing you to easily control the virtual organs from your existing console. If your console has MIDI output then you can use it with Hauptwerk.

Read the advice of Randall Mullin:

Last summer, a world-renown concert organist, who has made many recordings of Cavaille-Coll organs and others, visited me and after I guided him to my Hauptwerk setup, and gave him my headphones to put on, I left him alone. A few minutes later, he appeared “wide-eyed” and said, “that is incredible!” He was playing major organ works and improvising organ symphony movements for the next five hours.


Their website gives the following information:


Hauptwerk is a complete virtual instrument with advanced pipe organ modeling features capable of creating the most authentic and detailed simulation of a real pipe organ. By combining state-of-the-art software along with world class sampled instruments Hauptwerk has raised the bar for the digital organ world. Have a listen to our demos and hear what you could previously only dream about. Listen >


Developers around the world are constantly creating new instruments for Hauptwerk. Hauptwerk unites world heritage and musical culture bringing them together for a single product. A large variety of instruments ranging from baroque to modern and even fully modeled theatre organs are available. View all instruments >


Nothing is as versatile as software. Hauptwerk may be used with your existing digital organ console with MIDI output, or with your favorite MIDI sequencing software. Transform your computer into the latest virtual instrument technology using the world's greatest organs without having to purchase a new organ console. Since Hauptwerk is software you can upgrade your instrument easily without needing to buy expensive new organ hardware or expansion modules. Learn more >


Compare Hauptwerk to other digital organs on the market and you will find it both excels in sound impressions and authenticity and is also much more affordable. Hauptwerk can be used on your existing computer and audio system and can move over to a completely new system for future upgrades to your hardware or software. You simply won't find a more professional product, variety of instrument libraries, or price point that Hauptwerk offers. Buy now >

Any links to products which take you to a reseller are not an endorsement for that reseller, just a link to a description of the product. In case it has crossed your mind, I do not have any connection with any of the vendors associated with Hauptwerk, or with Hauptwerk itself.


Hoofdwerk C-c3:
Prestant 8
Bourdon 8 b/d
Octaaf 4
Fluit 4.
Octaaf 2
Fluit 2
Mixtuur 2-4 sterk
Cymbel 4-6 sterk
Cornet 4 sterk
Trompet 8 b/d

Rugwerk C-c3:
Holpijp 8
Prestant 4
Fluit 4
Octaaf 2
Woudfluit 2
Nasard 3
Sexquialter 2 sterk
Mixtuur 4 sterk
Dulciaan 8

Pedaal C-d1:
Bourdon 16
Prestant 8
Holpijp 8
Octaaf 4
Bazuin 16
Trombone 8

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Tremulant HW
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