Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Tracker Pipe Organ Project

The building of this organ was intended to be my project for my retirement years.

It was my intention to build a one manual tracker pipe organ with attached pedal, somewhat like the above, but in a more modern, but still classical case.

Organ design with doors closed. 82" high, 52" wide.

The organ consisted of 9 1/2 Ranks (516 pipes).

The disposition was as follows:

54 keys divided keyboard


Bass Descant

Calcant 8' Principal

8' Gedekt* 8' Gedekt

4' Flute 4' Rohrflute

2 2/3 Quint 2 2/3 Quint

2' Principal 2' Principal

2' Gemshorn 2' Gemshorn

1 3/5' Tierce 1 3/5' Tierce

Mixture III Mixture III

Scharf II Scharf II

Cymbel I Cymbel I

Tremulant Zimbelstern

PEDAL (24 notes)
8' Gedekt* (from manual)
Pedal-Manual coupler

Organ design with doors open.

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