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Lüdingworth, St. Jacobi Germany 1599 Antonius Wilde 1683 Arp Schnitger.


1683: Building of the organ by Arp Schnitger. He used parts of  pipework, case and windchests of the previous organ from 1599 by Antonius Wilde.
1746: Jacob Albrecht replaces the Dulcian 16' of the Rückpositif by a Vox Humana 8'.
1796-1798: Georg Wilhelm Wilhelmy adds Dis to the Pedal and replaces the Cimbelstern by "Harmonischen Glocken".
1930-1931: Repairs by Furtwängler & Hammer.
1960-1961: Restoration according to the principles of the "Orgelbewegung". Intonation on a low wind-pressure and new tracker action mechanism.
1981-1982: Restoration by Jürgen Ahrend.

Wolfgang Zerer demonstrates the Antonius Wilde/Arp Schnitger organ of the St. Jacobikirche at Lüdingworth.


Quintadena 16' (W,S)
Principal 8' (W)
Rohrfloit 8' (W)
Octave 4' (W)
Hohlfloit 4' (W)
Nahsat 2 2/3' (W)
Octave 2' (W)
Rauschpfeife II (W,S)
Mixtur V (W,S)
Zimbel III (A)
Trommette 8' (W)

Gedeckt 8' (W)

Principal 4' (S,A)
Spitzfloit 4' (S)
Octava 2' (S)
Siflit 1 1/3' (S)
Sesquialtera II (S)
Terzian II (S)
Scharff IV-VI (S)
Dulcian 16' (S,A)

Gedacktes 4' (W)
Quintfloit 2 2/3' (W)
Octave 2' (W),S
Scharff III (S)
Regal 8' (W)

Untersatz 16' (S)
Principal 8' (W)
Octava 4' (W)
Nachthorn 2' (A)
Rauschpfeife II (W)
Mixtur V (A)
Posaune 16' (S)
Trommet 8' (W)
Cornet 2' (A)

Specification: Wilde: (W), Schnitger (S), Ahrend (A)

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