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T. Faber 1649 Organ Hervormde kerk Zeerijp NL

Orgelspel na de preek: Hervormde kerk Zeerijp
Dennis Wubs

Orgelspel na de preek: Hervormde kerk Zeerijp
Dennis Wubs

Orgelspel na de preek: Hervormde kerk Zeerijp
Dennis Wubs

Psalm 67, God zij ons gunstig en genadig: Hervormde kerk Zeerijp
Dennis Wubs

Gwendolyn Toth plays
Courante Daphne from the Leningrad Manuscript (1646)
on the Faber organ of 1651 in Zeerijp, The Netherlands. July 2008

She uses the unique nightingale stop!


Theodorus  Faber (1600? - 1659) lived and worked most of his life in Groningen. He was candidate theologian, autodidact painter and organ builder.  He was in the Groningen administrative bodies and artistic circles and considered an influential man and also enjoyed regards as national organ builder.

Besides three newly created organs, namely the instruments Zeerijp (1645-51, his first all-new masterpiece), Coevorden (1657-58) and Groningen, Aa-kerk (1654-59), he led a number of repairs and he approved the work of other organ makers.

He also repaired clocks and occasionally painted cartouches like to Zeerijp. He died in 1659, after a lingering illness, while working on the major new organ in the  Aa-kerk in Groningen.  He left it unfinished. In 1667 Jacobus Galtus van Hagerbeer  completed this organ, the then largest work in the  Dutch Republic.

Faber's work is a unique synthesis between the regional Groningen organ style and the North German tradition. The organ builders as the family De Mare, Edo Evers, Anthoni Verbeeck were especially for Faber of major importance. Faber's work was more a summary of previous styles than that it was  focused on innovation.

His instruments would have sounded refined, singing and not penetratingly loud according to the views of the late Renaissance style, The monumental yet graceful Zeerijp organ case is considered to be one of the finest 17th-century organ furniture in the Netherlands.


Hoofdwerk: CDEFA - g" a"
Prestant 8'
Holpype 8'
Octave 4'
Octave 2'
Quinte Fl 3'
Mixtuer 4 - 6 st.
Cimbel 2 st.
Sufflet 1'
Trompett 8'

Rugwerk CDEFGA - g" a"
Prestant 4'
Quintadena 8'
Fluite 4'
Geemshoorn 2'
Super = Octave 2'
Sesquialter 2st.
Vox = Humana 8'

Pedaal CDEFGA - d'
Dooff 8'
Bardon 16'
Bas Bazuyn 16'

Tramblant Rug = Positijff
Omlopende Steerens
Ventyl Hw
Ventyl Rw

Toonhoogte: a' = 465 hz
Stemming: Middentoon
Bouwer: T. Faber
Bouwjaar: 1649

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